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Did I inspect your property? Share your experience! I’m always looking for ways to improve my services, and I would really appreciate your feedback. If your inspection went well, please let me know as well! Your review can help other homeowners and homebuyers looking for a reliable inspection service.

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Buyers Inspection

Make it easier for you to decide on which property to invest in with my accurate, fast, and thorough inspection service.

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Your Reliable Property Inspector in Cedar Park, TX

The best way to get a good home inspection is to find someone who is qualified, experienced, and honest. That’s what I strive to be as your property inspector in Cedar Park, TX.

I’m an InterNACHI-certified home inspector who has over 20 years of HVAC service experience and over 10 years of home inspection experience. My experience means I know all the ins and outs, so you can feel confident that I’ll catch any problems before buying or selling your home. Rest assured, I am committed to providing an honest assessment of your home’s condition so that you can make the best decision for your family’s needs.

I’m a Property Inspector With a Keen Eye

Every inspection report includes photos of every detail from the foundation to the roof, as well as recommendations for how to fix any issues we discover along the way. And if there’s anything else you’d like me to include in my report, just ask! Whether you need HVAC or plumbing inspections, I’ve got you covered!

Get Inspections Compliant With State Regulations

When you hire me as your property inspector in Cedar Park, TX, my goal is to give you a detailed report that will help make sure this is the right property for you and your family—and one that will last for decades (or even generations) to come! You can get a report within 24 hours of the inspection, so schedule one today!

Here’s What I’ll Do for You:

  • AC inspection
  • Appliances inspection
  • Ceiling inspection
  • Doors inspection
  • Electrical panels inspection
  • Exterior inspection
  • Heating inspection
  • Home foundation inspection
  • HVAC inspection
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Walls inspection
  • Windows inspection