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Detailed and Professional Pre-Listing Inspection in Cedar Park, TX

I believe in providing the most detailed pre-listing inspection possible—one that will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to buy a home. So, I use my extensive experience in HVAC service and home inspection to ensure that no detail is overlooked, from a thorough foundation inspection to a complete deck inspection and everything in between. And I deliver reports within 24 hours so you can make an informed and immediate decision on any property you intend to purchase. When you need a certified home inspection company in Cedar Park, TX, look no further than Lancaster Inspection Co.

Here’s Why You Should Work With Me:
  • I have over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry and over a decade of experience in the home inspection industry.
  • You can use my convenient online scheduling platform to coordinate my availability with yours.
  • I can handle a wide variety of services- whether you need a pre drywall inspection or a warranty inspection service, I’ve got you covered.
  • I come to every job prepared so that you can receive a detailed report without any delays! I also take pictures for clarity and accuracy.
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Inspection Services I Provide

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Get a Detailed Report Within 24 Hours

After I conduct an inspection, I will immediately start preparing a detailed report for you to have clarity on the results of my assessment.

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Buyers Inspection

Make it easier for you to decide on which property to invest in with my accurate, fast, and thorough inspection service.

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Prelisting Inspection

Before buying or selling a property, a pre-listing inspection can keep you aware of any future costly repairs.

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New Construction/Pre Dry Wall Inspections

Before you seal your walls, it’s important to have a pre-drywall inspection so that you can correct any errors immediately.

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Pool Inspections

Make sure that the pool you get is safe to use! Don’t overlook the importance of a pool inspection to secure its stability.

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Warranty Inspections

Rebuild your home with trusted 11-month and 1-year warranty inspections from a qualified warranty inspector.

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